How experienced are you into Data Services?

How experienced are you into Data Services?

At DaddyLeads, we have been providing data services for about a decade now. This makes us quite experienced and versatile.
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    • Do you provide additional data services?

      Yes, we are a data focused company that provides a full suite of data appending, data-cleansing, data mining and CRM data cleaning services at our sister concern company 
    • How do you gather the data you provide?

      We at DaddyLeads have human expertise and experience of over a decade into data services. Our team member gather all the data manually through tedious research work. Only on some instance we use automated tools to take out information, which is not ...
    • What categories of data you have at DaddyLeads?

      We at DaddyLeads have data available in many categories like B2B, B2C, Job title wise data, country wise data, Install base data, CRM/ERP users data, etc to name a few. You can reach us at & for your ...
    • Can I extract data from the entire web?

      Many people believe web scraping can be used to scrape data from the entire World Wide Web or at least hundreds of thousands of websites. This is not feasible in practice. Since websites do not follow a universal page structure, it would be hard for ...
    • How can I be assured about the safety of my data?

      You can be rest assured that your data at DaddyLeads safe & secure. We have an immaculate record of keeping our clients' data safe. All our employees are signatories to confidentiality clauses and are liable to face termination if they disclose any ...